Orphan Grain Train

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Shipment arrives in Georgia

Monthly Update

“I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you” John 14:18

“Ask and it will be given to you” Mathew 7:7a An appropriate reminder as the Mid Atlantic Branch, under Gods guidance, continues to help those in need both domestically and internationally.

We asked Norfolk for a recipient who could use our inventory both current and expected. As a result we will be shipping a forty foot container to Christ Mandate for Missions Church in Lilongwe, Malawi, South Africa. 

We asked Christ Mandate what else they might want. Soccer and sports uniforms for the children was one of the requests. Our volunteers contacted many of the Junior and Senior High schools in the area. As a result, to date we have packed twenty apple boxes with uniforms and two with deflated socker balls and air pumps. They also requested Kids Against Hunger food and we are planning on sending over 80,000 meals. In addition they have a need for bicycles which they and other pastors in the area use for commuting. 61 bicycles will also be loaded into the container. There will be clothing for all ages, medical equipment and a sewing machine. The loading from our Jennersville warehouse is scheduled for Friday, December,4th at 9am.  The container will probably arrive during the first part of January. 

We asked that the recipients of our previous container which went to Tibilisi City in the Republic of Georgia to send us some pictures of the receipt and distribution of the contents of the container. The first reply after receipt of the container had forty pictures. The second response had over 35 pictures. It is a humbling and exciting experience to see who has received our blessings and how blessed they appear upon their receipt. We were also able to share the joy when we were able to show donors of bicycles who received them in the Republic of Georgia.

We asked the Lord for guidance in our Fall Fund Raising efforts. He provided $10,000 from a donor to be matched. We asked our supporters to pray about what they might cheerfully contribute. As of November 21st we are well on our way to matching. If you have not taken the opportunity, we hoped to close the effort by December 6th. Of course it can be extended. 

We asked our landlord to extend our contract for three more years at the same rate and to increase the space allotted. The Lord saw fit to answer this prayer and as of mid-December we will have a new contract and additional space.

We asked the Lord for additional volunteers at the warehouse and some more have come to join in the camaraderie. We continue to ask and pray. Perhaps you might be an answer to a prayer!. 

We continue to be blessed in many other ways, receiving apple boxes and clothing to sort and pack are but a few. With continued prayers asking for the Lords guidance we go forward under His name to be a blessing to those in need worldwide. 

To God alone be the glory!      Cliff Kraft 11/21/2020