Deacon Groups

Fred Abel
Kathy Curtis
Richard and Marlies Farmer
Lewis and Carol Beth Founds
Veronika Gorsuch
Sarah Kitts
Doug and Deb MacGray
Sandra McKnight
Niina Oja
Henry and Valerie Porreca
Lois Tiedemann

Jody Bacher
Fred and Millie Abel
Steve Bordas
Terri Borkland
Dalaie Choi and SaeYeol Yoon
Ray and Doreen Clarke
Tracy Clarke
Neil and Sharon Cornell
Denise Croney
Tom and Lois David
Pat Dorler
Mike and Kris Moyer
Sean Nagel
Feta Norris

Denny Barrowclough
Mariann Blackburn
Dave and Dawn Clarke
Carol Derrickson
Lilly Derrickson
Adam, Lori, and Reagan Klohr
Kevin and Sharon Price
Robert and Angelica Ricker
Ralph and Rosemary Stormer
Layne and Nettie Wyckoff
Kerry and William Yeldell

Steve Bier
Carl Behrens
Ester and Ed Casagrande
Ed and Inge Chaban
Mel and Denise Gray
Chris and Karin Kreicker
Chan and Carmen LeePow
Donna and Scott McCarter
Marcy and Chris O'Neill-Davidson
Dave and Lois Waddell
Brian and Brittany Washburn

George Butler
Patrick and Nikki Bartolo
ED and Lynn Buchheim
Jason and Megan Dague
Holly Franczyk
Chad Kazaba
Sandy Michel
Matt and Jenn Onken
Greg and Barbara Rice
Shawn and Karen Walsh

Kathy Curtis
Craig Argo
Steve and Leanne Bier
Linda Blancett
John and Charlotte Buchholtz
Phil and Nancy Ebert
Tom and Susan Fuesler
Caroline Goetz 
Bill and Shawn Grossman
Robert Guy
Steve Hahn

Trudy Fletcher
George and Kathee Butler
Daryl and Jillian Ehren
Don and Linda Harms
Don and Sylvia Kummer
Ed Lorenz
Joanne Newlin
Jack and Mary Royer
Eleanor Schropp
Marilyn Stevens
Pat Umbrecht
Cathie Whaley
Kevin and Susan Zweier

Shawn Grossman
Phyllis and Dave Anderson
Bob and Kris Baronio
Thea Blacker
Ron and Ida Bowers
Joan Culver
Tom and Rachael DeFino
CC Foley
Ken And Anna Gottschaldt
Dick and Sandy Hartman
Lois Jenkins
Scott and Sharon Weaver

Chris Kreicker
Tom and Susan Crawford
Larry and Trudy Fletcher
Dan and Lynn Good
Steve and Lydia Jacobson
Dan and Kristie Judge
Dave and Amira Kummer
Dorothy Mehl
Fritz and Joanna Schrader
Dave and Debby Smith
Dean Thureen
John and Nancy Wadsley

Sandy Michel
Nathan and Heather Bohler
Esther Booth
John and Sallie Campbell
Chris and Emily Early
Ted Janusz
Brian and Kelley Myers
David and Rachel Pinder
Bill Stoneman
Kraig Stoneman

Kraig Stoneman
Denny Barrowclough
Karen Blach
Bill Clegg
Darlys Harting
Virginia Hertzenberg
Marion Karschner
Dale Nebe
Leah Nye
Ellen Paul
Jackie Scheetz
Helen Smith

Scott Weaver
Jody and Allison Bacher
Erica Crell
Lois Fink
Pam Kazaba
Craig and Dana Murray
Gary and Kathryn Plantholt
Bill and Martha Robinson
Tim and Stacy Shepps
Chris Tai and Sharon Vavalla
Mark Wahlberg