Healthy Hilltop

The roller coaster ride that was 2020 moves forward in 2021. After February’s cold, snow, and ice, March came in like a lamb with a bit warmer temperatures (anything feels warmer than February!), no snow, COVID relief, and best of all, a successful fund raiser!

 First the fund raiser.  The tallies are in and as a result of the statewide “Do More 24 Delaware” day of giving, a total of 56 individuals gave $4210 to the Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center between March 4 and 5. This dollar amount is double Hilltop’s goal!  Thank you to everyone who contributed, especially during these tough times.  Your donations will be wisely spent caring for Hilltop’s children.

We continue to advance on the fight against COVID too. Our Executive Director, Michelle Williams, reports that vaccination of our staff has begun and may be nearly completed by the time you read this article. In early March, the state moved childcare workers and teachers up in line to help facilitate the return to in person schooling.  

 And speaking of health, Hilltop’s Youth Services Director, Teresa Allen says that our children experienced a tobacco education program late this winter. CATCH Kids Club physical fitness activities included “anti-tobacco signs…used to decorate the science areas.  Tobacco education games, lessons and workbooks,” Teresa reports, “were also placed in these areas.  During the children’s scheduled learning center times they are invited to play games, read books and complete other targeted lessons.”

 Finally, following our health theme, Hilltop Center Deputy Director, Brandon Furrowh explains that a free dental checkup was held recently through Smile Check. “The parents were informed of this opportunity through our various forms of communication and given the options to register electronically or via paper registration.” Brandon says the program is more than a one-shot deal.  “Smile Check will offer free in-person dental exams, as well as dental hygiene products to take home for teeth and gum healthy maintenance.”


Here’s to a healthy and safe spring!

Eric F. Mease

Member, Board of Directors,

Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center