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July Newsletter

June Newsletter

Students at the Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center celebrated the end of the school year with a celebration of earth and learning about its many environments.

The overall theme was “Earth & Green” which included recycling, living seas, and the wild. Center Youth Services Coordinator, Teresa Allen says the recycling theme centered on methods used to help save the earth and its resources.

“Reducing the amount of paper waste helped to save our trees and reusing certain items help to curve consumer spending which also leads to greater landfill waste.  We emphasized how important recycling is, by making a poster that require us, to separate recycling items from non-recyclable items.  This exercise showed how individually we can help to leave a smaller imprint on Mother Earth.”

Teresa says the students studied the seas by studying specific living sea creatures.

“We studied the Crab, Sea Turtle, Starfish, Stingray, and the great White Shark.  We learned how many species of Crabs there are (4,500), where Sea Turtles like to lay their eggs, that starfish really aren’t fish at all, Stingray are related to sharks, and Great White Sharks can jump out of the water while chasing prey.  Each student chose what sea creature they wanted to do a poster on and highlighted different facts about the sea creature they chose.”

Finally, Teresa says the students learned about the wild by studying jungles and rainforests.

“We learned there is a difference between a Rainforest and a Jungle.  Not only are the animals different, but the atmosphere is too.  The rainforest is wet and humid while the Jungle is dry and humid.  Some animals common to the rainforest are Macaws, Toucan, and Spider Monkeys.  Animals common to the jungle are Gorilla, African Grey Parrot, Chameleon and Lemur.  Next we looked at animals that live in the forest.  We read about moose, raccoons, owls, deer, bears, and skunks.” Teresa says that “the most interesting facts we learned about the bear is they can hibernate in the winter for up to seven months, they don’t go to the bathroom and pregnant grizzly bears give birth to their cubs in their sleep!  This was a surprise to everyone including me!”

Teresa, you’re not the only one who’s surprised!!  I think I need to go back to school!

Here’s to a great summer!

Eric F. Mease