If I were to guess, most of us probably are not gathering to celebrate today.  If we truly believe what we say we believe about The Ascension of our Lord, it would have to run a close third place holy day–only behind Christmas and Easter.  In the PrayNow App, The Ascension of our Lord is described:

"Ascension Day is the coronation celebration of our Lord as He is proclaimed to be King of the universe.  Jesus' ascension to the Father is His entrance to the greater existence beyond the confines  of time and space, begin no longer bound by the limitation of His state of humiliation.  Jesus now sits at the right hand of God, which Luther correctly taught is everywhere, having again taken up the power and authority that were His Ince before time.  Yet our Lord is present with us who remain bound by time and space.  He is with us as true God and true man, exercising His rulership in the Church through the means of grace which He established:  His Word and His Sacraments.  We mortals in those means of grace can grasp the King of the universe and receive a forties fo the feast to come."  

Translation:  Jesus rules!  This means for us that we have peace with all that happens.  We may be dismayed about what happens, or we may be sad, angry frustrated, etc.  Yet, it has happened and He is in charge!  I feel better already!