Weekly Announcements for the Week of  Aug. 14 - 20, 2022

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost


 ✛We gather for the Divine Service this Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022, at 9:30 a.m.  with Holy Communion.

✛Livestreaming of the service begins around 9:15 a.m. on our homepage, concordiade.com.

Readings for Tenth Sunday after Pentecost, Aug. 14, 2022:

Jeremiah 23:16–29; Psalm 119:81–88; Hebrews 11:17–12:3; Luke 12:49–59 | ESV.org

The service may be heard in the Mueller Room, the room to the right as you enter church.  Clipboards and activities for younger children are located on the table in narthex. 

In Focus – Things Coming Up 

Funeral for Pat Dorler: this Tuesday August 16 at 10 a.m. at Concordia; there is no viewing. 

From the Kitchen Leader-Servant – Many thanks to John and Charlette Buchholtz, George and Kathee Butler, Neil and Sharon Cornell, Trudy and Larry Fletcher, Don and Sylvia Kummer, Dale Nebe and Heather Ehrin for all their help prepping and serving meals this week for the students, parents, teachers and many other helpers as well as cleaning up afterwards. Thanks to the many individuals from the congregation that provided cookies and other sweets for dessert. Special thanks to Ken Gottschaldt who helped with the purchase of food at the Restaurant Depot. All went very well because of the dedication and commitment of these folks. We even overcame the fact that on Monday all the mac and cheese casseroles were still cold 10 minutes before serving time because the oven did not heat up to 400 F and stay hot. But we were able to transfer them to microwave trays and a pot on the stove and still have hot mac and cheese by serving time. This gave our hearts a bit of a jolt, but the once again the good Lord provided. We also are thankful that no one was nearby when the large exhaust fan came crashing down outside of the kitchen. [Maybe it’s time for new ovens and fan for the kitchen] Praise be to God for a great week! So, despite a few obstacles including the fact it was discovered on Tuesday the HVAC was set on heat it was a wonderful week! No wonder it was extra hot inside on Monday! Dan and Lynn Good

Rally Day September 11.  Look for Everyone His Witness 2.0 in Adult Bible Study.

LCS Walk Run – September 17, 9 a.m. -12 noon is the LCS Walk Run.  We are hosting!!!   Rain or Shine.  We need volunteers.  A sign up sheet will be passed around during service.  Please see how you can help. We also need blue pop-up tents.  Please let Lilly Derrickson know if you have one we can borrow.  Registration is online at lcsde.org,v(team CONCORDIA). Thank you for your interest in supporting Lutheran Community Services.  LCS provides for many human needs for people in Wilmington DE.

OctoberfestSeptember 24.  12 Noon - 4 p.m.  A great, fun time with our community.  We are trying to connect with them and show them that Christians are normal people, too, who like to have fun and enjoy each other's company.


Altar Flowers - Today's altar flowers are given in remembrance of our great friend, Pat Dorler.  August 21& Sept 25 are still open if you want to dedicate altar flowers to a loved one.

Sunday at 8:15 a.m. – Adults are reading Joshua in The Mueller Room.  

Tuesday Bible Study – We are reading Romans!

Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. – Prayer Shawl group 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m. in the Mueller Library.

Thursdays at 8:00 a.m. – Men’s Breakfast Bible Study.  The group meets on Thursday via Zoom at 8:00 a.m. to study the Lectionary readings for the coming Sunday.  For more information email Dan Good.   

✛God Thought✛

Offering – Everything in creation belongs to God (cf. Psalm 24:1).  Everything that we have comes from God.  We give an offering, recognizing this reality, so that God's work in His creation continues!  We may enjoy God's gift abundantly, and we may share God's gifts abundantly.  The Gospel of Jesus gives us this freedom.  Our offerings express thanksgiving to God.  Even the things "we have" from God express thanksgiving to God.  

During my senior year at Denver Lutheran High School, we went on a choir tour to Florida.  We sang at LC-MS congregations across the state.  We stayed at the homes of people from the congregations in which we sang Vespers.  Each morning after we would regather at the church to get on the bus and move to the next congregation.  One morning, good friends of mine were the center of the conversation.  They couldn't believe what they had just experienced overnight.  They had stayed at a mansion with a full-size basketball court, pool, tennis courts and each had their own master suite (the rest of us shared a room and a bed at our hosts).  What I take away from this memory all these years later is that there were sincere Christians, sharing the blessing of their wealth with others.  How cool is that?!  All these years later I still remember it, and I didn't even stay there.  I'm sure my friends that did still do, too!


Disaster Relief – Do you want to serve to help in disaster relief?  Click HERE to volunteer or give financially.

Saturday Morning Fellowship Group – Saturday fellowship gathers at 9 a.m. in the Narthex. BYOB (beverage). Friends, neighbors, family all welcome! Coffee corner has a new ceiling and freshly cleaned floors with rearranged seating.

Deacon Meeting – Deacons meet monthly. Everyone is welcome to bring any concerns to your deacon (or any deacon) for discussion at monthly meeting. 

Many MEMBERS make their home in Assisted Living Facilities.  Some of these members have no family locally and would love a short visit.  Fifteen minutes is a nice visit; most cannot handle a lengthy visit. Phone calls and cards have special meaning, bringing the outside world in to them. 

  • Gen Nied – lives at Parkview Nursing Home – 2801 W 6th St., Wilmington De  19805
  • Jackie Scheetz – Harbor Chase – lives at 2004 Shipley Rd.
  • Linda Blancett – Sunrise – 2215 Shipley Rd  302.358-2225.Call for appt, show proof of vaccination.
  • Tracy Clarke – Foulk Manor North – 1212 Foulk Rd.  front entrance for brief screening.

Prayers (You must login to read personal prayers HERE).  Unfortunately, in our world today, personal info printed here can be hacked and/or used inappropriately.  

  • Pray in thankfulness for many blessings like food, shelter and clothing that we take for granted, yet so many are without.
  • Thankfulness for successful VBS!
  • Isaiah 10: 1-2    'Woe to those who make unjust laws; to those who issue oppressive decrees; those who deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed..."    Isaiah's words written so long ago, ring true today. God's response is the same.


Sunday Adult Bible Study is  in the Mueller Room at 8:15. No Sunday School for children during the summer. 

Weekday Bible Study – We meet this week on Tuesday at 1:00 PM with Pastor Dave.  

The Men's Breakfast Bible Study – The group meets on Thursday at 8:00 A.M. to study the Lectionary for the coming Sunday.  For more information contact Dan Good

Concordia Preschool – there are still a few openings for fall enrollment. 

Luther Had the Wartburg, We Have Collinsville – Issues, Etc. is a radio-talk show and podcast produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken.  This week’s teachings include: Apparent Contradictions in Paul’s Conversion Story, Proof Texting Early Church Fathers in Roman Catholicism, The Nunc Dimittis, Old Testament Patriarch Isaac and more. You can listen at your convenience at issuesetc.org, the LPR mobile app and your favorite podcast provider.


Emmanuel Dining Room – Help feed the hungry by making a casserole or brownies!  Recipe (Click). On July 27th, as Concordia (has now done every month for about 40 years,) we had the privilege of sharing our bountiful blessings with many good people of Wilmington in need of a filling and nourishing meal.  We prepared and served 169 platters with our casseroles, brownies, and vegetables.

The folks who dine are well aware of Concordia serving and are most appreciative in responding to your good deed with words of thanks and thankful, belly-filled smiles.

Special thanks to Sharon Cornell and Kathee Butler for cooking and serving at EDR this month and to all who prepared casseroles and brownies.  

Orphan Grain Train Help us bring Christ's name and character to suffering people around the world by donating new or gently used clothing in good condition. Our Mid-Atlantic Branch, in conjunction with thirty other locations around the US, fulfills this mission by shipping material aid wherever it is needed. Everyone is welcome to volunteer with us at our Jennersville warehouse (8 Federal Rd, West Grove, PA, 19390) to sort and pack donations. Read all about OGT on the bulletin board by the library, or visit our webpage for hours of operation, the latest updates, and to review the full list of materials our recipients need most. If you have questions, please contact Tom Fuesler or Carla Niesen. Donated items may be placed in the closet in All Saints' Hall (to the right as you enter the room).  message from Roger-OGT warehouse mgr: We have plenty of material to sort and pack. We have been blessed with many donations and recently many volunteers. God’s mission through Orphan Grain Train is enhanced by the many blessings we have received. Thank you for your prayers and continued support. Hope to see you at the warehouse Wednesday from 10:00 - 2:30.

Meals on Wheels Serving our community meals during the last full week of each month (Aug. 22-26). The time commitment is usually 1 ½ hours (11:00 AM-12:30 PM). Please contact Susan Fuesler. Meals are picked up at Silverside Church with directions for delivery route. Please consider volunteering; you will bless others and be greatly blessed as well! Contact Sue Fuesler.

Handmade Prayers Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 A.M.  (Sept 14) in the Mueller Library. This is a working meeting so bring your yarn projects! We welcome anyone that is interested in crocheting or knitting to join us.  If you know someone that is in need of a gift from us, please let us know. For more details, contact Lynn Good.

LCMS Missionaries in Africa – Leanne Bier collects Bibles for all age groups in the bin outside Pastor’s office. Monetary donations are needed to pay for shipping which is extremely costly. Please use your missions envelopes and label them for LCMS African missions. Visit www.guineamission.com for more information and photos of ongoing projects. Note March newsletter hanging above Bible tote outside Pastor's office.


Online Giving is Available – Click HERE. Let us thank Jesus that He continues to provide for us! Offerings can be set up through your bank or your credit card. Questions related to financial giving can be addressed to Karen Blach via email – financialsec@concordiade.com.  

Weekly Announcements – If you have information that you would like included, please email Pastor Dave (click) directly.