Orphan Grain Train

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We have shipped collected goods to the following places.  This shows the total number of bikes that have been shipped.

Shipment arrives in Georgia

Refurbished Bikes Ministry


January 2021

“I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you,” John 14:18

Welcome to the New Year! We were greatly blessed in 2020 with donated clothing, shipping boxes, a new warehouse facility, funds to operate and most important gracious volunteers who enabled us to be a blessing to those in need both domestically and internationally. In spite of coved 19 we sent 40ft containers to Republic of Georgia and Malawi in South Africa.

The New Year brings greater opportunities. With a new three year contract for our warehouse, at the same rate, we have additional space in which to operate. The warehouse has been rearranged to allow more space for sorting and packing and the inventorying of packed clothing, KAH and other food, bicycles and miscellaneous items. And thanks to many of you our Matching Grant Fall Fund Raiser was very successful, having matched the $10,000 grant. This will help in shipping to those in need.

We look forward to our next shipment going out sometime in March and another possible shipment in May or June. The amount of starving people around the world has encouraged us to send more of the concentrated nutritious food to hurting areas. Children suffer most from hunger, referred to as malnutrition and undernutrition. These concentrated nutritious meals help to prevent stunting, wasting and underweight. In many cases, on this food, a child assumes their normal physical status in about six months

Protein-energy Malnutrition which is caused by the lack of enough protein (from meat and other sources) and food that provides energy which all the food groups provide is one of the causes of malnutrition. Another cause is Micronutrient malnutrition caused by vitamin and mineral deficiency. These basic types of malnutrition are the ones targeted by the concentrated nutritious meals which we are providing to those in need. In addition to the KAH meals we are investigating another source which incorporates dehydrated beans in their meals to provide more nutrition. 

We can accommodate a few more volunteers in our modern warehouse and welcome you! It is really a comfortable place to spend some time doing His “work”. You may spend a few hours, or bring a sandwich and stay for lunch and a few hours in the afternoon. The drive out into the country is very scenic and peaceful. The address: 8 Federal Road, West Grove, PA 19390. The times: Wednesdays 10am t0 2:30 pm- or any time in between. 

To  God alone be the glory!   

Cliff Kraft 12/29/20